Adventures in the Landscape:

Over the lockdowns of 2020, we were unable to produce and circulate hard-copy issues. However, we did manage to put together two free online issues, the PanDemiotic Issues! Please click the links:

Pan-Demiotic 1 final

Pandemiotic 2

Northern Earth takes a broad-based ‘earth mysteries’ or neo-antiquarian approach, looking at historthumbledonjpgical and contemporary cultural and geographical environments free from agendas or beliefs.

Our topic area includes megalithic sites, alignments, sacred landscapes, other landscape issues, folklore & tradition, esoteric traditions, strange phenomena and other aspects at the interface of human consciousness and the land from prehistory to the present…

We have been covering these areas for over forty years, since our inception in an upstairs room in a Leeds pub in 1979! Today, we are the world’s longest established voice in our particular field, offering distinct and unorthodox perspectives without relinquishing the standard requirements for reliable research and discussion.

We are also more than a journal, more than a website; from our very beginnings we have been organising field trips, conferences and other gatherings where readers can make contacts with other like-minded people and, we hope, feel part of an extended family of interests.

How do I find out more?

Want to find out more?  This web site is just the tip of a very big iceberg! Northern Earth, the magazine, is published four times a year available by subscription or selected stockists.  And the latest development is the ability to buy a subscription using PayPal.

There’s a lot of information available here. Use the navigation along the top of the page to go to the key areas.

A few words on COPYRIGHT….

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If you’d like to quote or use any of the material on this site, that’s fine; but please remember someone else has done the hard work, and so it’s courteous to cite your source in anything you write. Details of publication date, etc., are given with each article. You must cite the web link in the reference section of your document:

Falding, F J (1997) Antiquarianism., retrieved 18 July 2016

If there is no author, use

Northern Earth (1997) Antiquarianism., retrieved 18 July 2016

The above would go in your reference section and the citation tag would be located in your text (if you are using the Harvard system) as:  (Falding, 2016) or, if no author, as (Northern Earth, 2016)

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