Editorial Policy

Contributions and Editorial Policy


Northern Earth is an earth mysteries journal, by which it sees its scope of content as primarily involving:

  • perception of the landscape and the sacred both past and present, including religious, ritual, folkloric, literary and artistic;
  • archaeology relating to the sacred, the religious and the perception of landscape;
  • folklore, custom and patterns of belief;
  • notions of place, including sacred architecture and planning;
  • prehistoric, pagan, folk and other early belief systems;
  • paranormal, ‘supernatural’ and Fortean topics where they relate to place and/or belief systems.

Northern Earth‘s editorial approach is at the interface of the popular and the academic; research and other material published in the magazine is required to fulfil the accepted academic criteria regarding referencing and plagiarism.


Northern Earth is a small-press publication operating on a low budget and staffed by unpaid volunteers. It is the official organ of the Northern Earth Mysteries Group, an informal association of earth mysteries and related interests.

  • Northern Earth and the Northern Earth Mysteries Group are independent and have no affiliation with any political, business or religious group whatsoever.
  • Northern Earth will not publish material its editor deems to be sexist, racist or discriminatory in language or attitude towards any other social group, nor language felt to be personally derogatory towards any other individual involved in earth mysteries and related research. This does not include criticism within the acceptable parameters of debate. Inappropriate use of words generally considered offensive will also be subject to editorial intervention. The editor’s decision is final.
  • Northern Earth has a broad political attitude that is left of centre, libertarian, pacifist and environmentalist. A campaigning stance is maintained regarding environmental threats in general and specifically on threats involving sites and vicinities of archaeological and/or folkloric significance.
  • Although Northern Earth‘s scope and content, relating to religious traditions pertaining to the landscape, necessarily deals frequently with pagan and neo-pagan issues, it is not a pagan or neo-pagan journal, but understands that all belief systems have established a relationship with the land and the sacred.
  • Northern Earth maintains strict confidentiality of subscriber details and does not under any circumstances divulge personal addresses, telephone numbers or other details to any third party whatsoever, unless express permission has been given. We will re-address mail to contributors, etc. , if properly stamped and sent to the editorial address.


Northern Earth welcomes articles, reports, letters, queries, illustrations, news cuttings and any other relevant material. Submission is no guarantee of publication, but material felt not to fit the journal may be suitable for one of the website. To ensure return of submitted material, a stamped self-addressed envelope must be enclosed. With textual material, we appreciate illustrations.

Poetry will not be considered for publication.

Northern Earth maintains an active editorial presence. This means that material may be edited for length, grammar, spelling, redundancy, excessive verbosity, error, unacceptable language or attitudes (see above), etc. Minor alterations will be at the discretion of the Editor; more extensive alterations will be through discussion with the writer. Utmost care is taken in all editing not to interfere with the writer’s meaning.

Where reference to other works or research is made, full source references and credits must be given. Unsupported statements are a discouragement to acceptance for publication.

Contributors retain their own copyright.

Submission to Northern Earth implies permission to use the material in the journal, archiving of past material, or on the website.

As Northern Earth is a low-budget magazine, we cannot pay contributors. However, contributors of illustration material or articles of up to 1500 words post-edit will receive one complimentary issue of the journal; longer articles or extensive illustration material in a single edition will receive two complimentary issues.

Articles should –

  • be of e.m., antiquarian, folklore, fortean, etc., interest
  • be original, concise & accompanied where possible by original or copyright-free illustrations
  • aim for around 2500 words maximum, but can go up to 3500 words, depending on topic and discussion with the editor; shorter pieces of 500-1000 words are also welcome
  • cite full references where appropriate – book title/author/publisher/place of publication/year/page; article title/author/journal/volume/year/page. Failure to do so will result in your article being returned for modifications
  • be accompanied by a short personal background of 30-50 words

We –

  • maintain an active editorial presence and where possible will work with authors to help realise suitable impact for their work
  • prefer not to edit, but frequently find it necessary for reasons of length, grammar, redundancy, etc. Minor edits are at our discretion, larger ones by discussion with the writer. Naturally, no changes will interfere with the writer’s meaning
  • keep copyright with the author, but require credit if an article is reused
  • require an SAE if a postal reply, or return of disc or unsolicited material is required
  • cannot pay writers (or editors); however, we offer two complimentary issues for articles of over 1500 words post-edit, and one for shorter pieces


Books and other material submitted for review should come within the scope and content of Northern Earth as described above. No guarantee is made to publish a review of any unsolicited material, but where it falls within our scope and content, we will make every effort to do so. Work dealing with UFOs, holistic therapy and healing, psychic and/or religious matters will generally not be considered for review in Northern Earth unless they have a landscape, perceptual, archaeological or folkloric relevance.

All material requested by Northern Earth will be reviewed in the journal. Unsolicited books and material will not be returned, even if a review is not published.

Northern Earth is committed to environmentally friendly policies where feasible for small-budget production.

These policies and conditions are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Editor or Editorial Team.


If you are reviewing a book for Northern Earth, please note the following guidelines and conditions:

  • We need, except where specifically stated, short concise reviews – please see other reviews in NE for guidance. In general, we like them to be kept to around 150 words except where the book is of central importance to earth mysteries, or you think it raises issues requiring a longer discussion or review-article – in such cases, please discuss it with the editors.
  • All reviews are subject to editing and abbreviation without prior consent from the writer; no changes will be made which alter the meaning or intent of the review. The writer’s name will be appended.
  • Reviewers should bear in mind that a description of a book’s contents is not a review, and a review which does not include an obvious consideration of the book’s contents will be required to be rewritten.
  • Please note and comply strictly with deadline dates given.
  • All reviews must give the following information: Title & subtitle if any; author; Publisher, year, Paper or hardback, Price, ISBN number. Address of publisher if small-press and without ISBN
  • We are not able to pay for articles or reviews in NE.

Thank you for observing these conditions, which make things much easier for the editors!

Copyright © Northern Earth. All Rights Reserved.