Issues 10 – 19

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No.10 Winter Solstice 1980 A4 3Opp.

  • ‘A Review over Atlantis’ Brian Larkman pp.2-9
  • ‘Earth Energy – Ten Years’ Study’ Jimmy Goddard pp. 9-13
  • ‘Landscape Energy and Experience’ Philip Heselton pp.13-18
  • ‘The Serpent Awaits’ Ted Armstrong pp.18-21
  • ‘A Personal Comment on E.M.’ Dorothy Phillips pp.21-23
  • ‘Response to “Anarchaeology”‘ Jimmy Goddard p.23
  • ‘The Wrekin Trust’ Philip Heselton p.24
  • Miscellany on ‘Maps for Sale’, ‘Calderdale Earth Mysteries Group’, ‘Moonstone’, ‘The Caerdroia Project’, ‘Exhibition Progress’ and ‘Earth Mysteries Classes’ pp.25-28

No.11 February 1981 A4 22pp.

  • ‘Eden’ Guy Ragland Phillips pp. 2-4
  • ‘Hexthorpe’ Ted Armstrong pp.4-5
  • ‘Conisbrough’ Ted Armstrong pp.5-6
  • ‘Of Boggarts and Things (Or – Close Encounters of the “Furred” Kind) Frank Earp pp.7-11
  • ‘Shap Avenue and Memory Lane’ Paul Sereeton pp.11-14
  • ‘Nickar’s Notch -A Mancunian Rubicon : Part 1’ Don Lee pp.14-17
  • Review of ‘Derbyshire : Exploring the Ancient Tracks and Mysteries of Mercia’ pp. 18-19
  • Miscellany on ‘Hull Evening Classes’ and ‘NEMG Exhibition’ pp. 19-2O
  • Letter from John Billingsley pp.20-21
  • ‘Stone Circles in Britain and the Piezo-electrical effect – A note’ C. S. Hay p.22

No. 12 May 1981 A4 22pp.

  • ‘Frank Lockwood: The Master Cutler of Ley Hunters’ Paul Screeton pp.2-4
  • ‘A Review over Atlantis: Part II’ Brian Larkman pp. 4-10
  • ‘The Ley Concept Revisited’ Richard Smith pp. 10-13
  • ‘Philip Rodgers of Grindleford’ Philip Heselton pp.13-17
  • Letter from John Barnatt pp.17-19
  • ‘Report of Northern Earth Mysteries Group Meeting on 14th February 1981’ pp.19-20
  • Miscellany on ‘Essex Landscape Mysteries’ and ‘News from Hull’ p.21

No.13 July 1981 A4 22pp. (Special issue to Celebrate 60 years of Ley Hunting)

  • ‘The Ley Hunter’s Club – A Retrospective View’ Philip Heselton pp. 2-4
  • ‘A Review over Atlantis Part III’ Brian Larkman pp.5-10
  • ‘Ancient Stones, Thunder and Lightning’ Paul Screeton pp. 1O-12
  • ‘Walking the Ways of the Serpent’ Ted Armstrong pp. 13-15
  • ‘An Alternative Explanation for Leys’ Jimmy Goddard pp.15-17
  • Letter from John Glover pp.18-19
  • ‘Report of Northern Earth Mysteries Group meeting on 9th May 1981’ Michael Haslam p.19
  • Review of ‘Lid of the Cauldron’ p. 20
  • Miscellany on ‘Project Golden Age’ and ‘Mother Earth’s Flying Saucers’ pp. 20-21

No.14 September 1981 A4 22pp.

  • ‘Tony Wedd (1st March 1919 – 1st June 1980)’ Philip Heselton pp.1-2
  • ‘Why do we do it?’ Humble Gremlin pp.2-4
  • ‘The Discovery of Four “Cup and Ring” Carvings in the Peak District’ John Barnatt and Phil Reeder pp.5-11
  • ‘A Review over Atlantis Part IV’ Brian Larkman pp.12-20
  • ‘Eston Nab and Related Sites’ C. S. Hay p.21

No.15 Winter Solstice 1981 A4 2Opp.

  • ‘Northern Earth Mysteries Group 1981 Moot Report’ Philip Heselton p.2
  • ‘Ley Interference Patterns and Electrical Effects’ Brian Larkman pp.3-4
  • ‘A Life’s Alignment’ Michael Haslam pp.7-9
  • ‘In the Place of Dragons’ Ted Armstrong pp. 9-11
  • ‘The Call of the Stones’ (Letter) Paul Devereux pp.11-13
  • ‘Shap Revisited’ Paul Screeton pp. 14-15
  • Review of ‘The Winter Solstice’ p.15
  • Letters from Graham Cole and Helen Woodley pp. 16-17
  • ‘Mother’s Milk’ (Poem) Guy Mallin p.19
  • Pen and Ink Drawing David Lewis p.19

No.16 February 1982 A4 16pp.

  • ‘A Calder Valley Eclection 1’ John Billingsley p.2
  • ‘A Calder Valley Eclection 2’ John Billingsley pp.3-4
  • ‘Experiencing the Subtle Geography of the Earth – Part I: Orgone Energy in the Landscape’ Philip Heselton pp. 4-9
  • ‘The Saxon Crypt of Ripon Minster’ Ben Fernee pp. 10-13
  • ‘Concrete Thoughts on Stone’ Paul Screeton pp.13-15
  • Letters from Humble Gremlin and Jimmy Goddard p.15

No. 17 April 1982A4 18pp.

  • ‘Walking Dream with Six-Foot Clamp’ Philip Rushworth pp.2-11
  • ‘A Few of the Legendary Stones of Notts.’ Pete Hannah and Frank Earp pp.11-13
  • ‘Electrical Phenomena at Springs’ C. S. Hay p.13
  • ‘Report on the Northern Earth Mysteries Group meeting held on Saturday 13th February 1982’ Brian Larkman p.14
  • Miscellany on ‘The Aquarian Festival’, The Northern F.A.I.R.’, ‘The Ley Hunter Moot’, ‘Earth Giant’ and ‘Northern Earth Mysteries Group Moot’ pp. 16-17

No.18 July 1982 A4 18pp.

  • ‘The Templars, Gothic and Mysticism – Some semi-connected Notes and Ideas’ Patrick McFadzean pp.2-6
  • ‘Experiencing the Subtle Geography of the Earth – Part 2: Orgone Sensitivity and Aesthetic Principles’ Philip Heselton pp. 6-13
  • ‘Northern Earth Mysteries Group Report of meeting on 24th April 1982’ Dave and Lynn Patrick p. 14
  • ‘Northern Earth Mysteries Group Report of meeting on 22nd May 1982’ Carole and John Barnatt pp. 14-15
  • ‘This Day Will Never Die’ (poem) Pete Hannah p.15
  • Review of ‘Hitler’s Secret Sciences’ pp. 16-17
  • Review of ‘The Bigfoot Casebook’ pp. 17-18

No.19 September 1982 A4 22pp.

  • ‘Seekers after Sanctuary’ Julia Smith pp.2-6
  • ‘The Beverley Sanctuary Stones and their Geomantic Relationships’ Philip Heselton pp. 6-8
  • ‘Kicking a Few Ideas Around’ Paul Screeton pp. 9-11
  • ‘Stone Circles in South-West Scotland’ John Barnatt pp.12-I5
  • ‘Solomon’s Temple – Buxton’ (poem) Pete Hannah p.15
  • Review of ‘Prehistoric Cornwall’ and ‘Sacred Geometry’ pp. 16-20
  • Letters from Mike Howard and Kenneth Heselton pp.20-21
  • Miscellany on ‘Work on Paper’ and ‘Regional Earth Mysteries Magazines’ p.21
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