Issues 20 – 29

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No.20 Winter Solstice 1982 A4 24pp.

  • ‘Report on Northern Moot 1982’ Philip Heselton p.2
  • ‘Recent Earth Mysteries Discoveries on Dartmoor’ John Barnatt and Brian Larkman pp.2-5
  • ‘Magdalene’ Ted Armstrong pp. 6-9
  • ‘The Dome of the Rock and the Templar Round’ Churches Patrick McFadzean pp. 9-10 and 18
  • ‘Scottish Weekend 1982’ Jimmy Goddard pp.11-15
  • ‘The Ancient Triangle of Tigguocubauc’ Pete Hannah and Frank Earp pp. 15-18
  • Review of ‘Earth Lights’ pp.19-21
  • ‘Greenham Common’ Hilary Byers p.22
  • ‘Exchange Publications’ Philip Heselton p.23

No. 21 March 1983A4 18pp.

  • Letter from Paul Devereux pp.2-7
  • Letter from C. S. Hay p.7
  • ‘Geology and Geomancy’ Patrick McFadzean pp.8-9
  • ‘Bees, Wasps and Silver Horseshoes’ Arthur pp. 10-11
  • Review of ‘The Megalithic Odyssey’ pp. 12-14
  • ‘Report of Northern Earth Mysteries Group meeting 15th January 1983’ David and Lynn Patrick pp. 14-15
  • Miscellany on ‘Touchstone’ and Britain’s Geomantic Pioneers 1570-1932′ p. 17

No. 22 May 1983 A4 28pp.

  • ‘The Magic of Morris – A Note on Morris Dancing and its Pagan Past’ Frank Earp pp. 2-16
  • ‘The Earth Lights Debate’ Philip Heselton p.16
  • Letter from Anthony Roberts pp.17-19
  • ‘Some Martian Mysteries’ Jimmy Goddard pp.19-21
  • Review of ‘Ley Lines’ pp.21-22
  • ‘Report of Northern Earth Mysteries Group Meeting on 19th March1983’ Rob Wilson pp.22-23
  • Miscellany on ‘Serpent Stone’ and ‘The Running Well Mystery’ p.25
  • Letters from Jeremy Harte and Sam Brewster pp. 26-27
  • ‘Poem : Arbor Low’ Sean Woodward p.27

No.23 August 1983 A4 24pp.

  • ‘Report of Northern Earth Mysteries Group Meeting on 21st May 1983’ Don Lee pp. 2-4
  • ‘Report of Northern Earth Mysteries Group Meeting on 25th June 1983’ Ted Armstrong p.4
  • ‘On Symbolism – An Approach to Understanding Ancient Design (being the second part of “Walking Dream with Six Foot Clamp”)’ Philip Rushworth pp. 5-16
  • ‘The Megalithic Odyssey by Christian O’Brien Reviewed by John Barnatt – A Rebuttal by the Author’ Christran O’Brien pp. 16-19
  • ‘Robin Hood and Maid Marian’ Ted Armstrong pp.19-21
  • Letters from Paul Devereux, C. S. Hay and Andy Roberts pp.21-23
  • Miscellany on ‘Earthlines’ and ‘The New View Over Atlantis’ p.23

No.24 October 1983 A4 32pp.

  • ‘Obituary : Sam Brewster’ Guy Ragland Phillips and Philip Heselton p.2
  • ‘The Vessel Cuppers of Holderness – Last of the Briganti Shamans?’ Frank Earp pp. 3-7
  • ‘The Templars’ Patrick McFadzean pp.8-17
  • ‘Wild in the Country (Northumberland Deliverance)’ Paul Screeton pp.17-19
  • ‘The Megalithic Odyssey – The Saga Continues’ John Barnatt pp. 2O-22
  • ‘The York Minster Alignment – A Corridor of Sanctity’ Brian Larkman pp.22-24
  • ‘The Folklore of Nine Stane Rigg’ Jeremy Harte pp.25-29
  • Reviews of ‘The Evidence for visions of the Virgin Mary’ and ‘The Evidence for UFO’s p. 30
  • Miscellany on ‘Rising Wave’ and ‘The Symbol’ pp.30-31

No.25 March 1984 A4 14pp.

  • ‘A Weekend in Northumberland’ Jimmy Goddard pp.2-3
  • ‘Curious Burial Practices’ Patrick McFadzean pp.3-4
  • ‘In the Light of Wisdom’ Ted Armstrong pp. 4-5
  • ‘The Rainbow Syndrome’ Guy Ragland Phillips pp.5-6
  • ‘Megalithic Monuments and the “Virgin Birth” part I’ Chesca Potter pp. 6-7
  • ‘Report of Northern Earth Mysteries Group Meeting on 26th November 1983’ Pete and Wendy Hannah pp.8-9
  • ‘The Ley’ Frank Earp p.10
  • ‘Alderley Edge, Cheshire’ C. S. Hay p.10
  • ‘Poem : She’ I.P. Taylor p.11
  • Letters from Chris Lovegrove and Richard Colborne pp.11 – 12
  • ‘A Bradford-Ilkley Ley’ Brian Larkman p.13

No.26 Summer 1984 A4 18pp.

  • ‘Late Fragments of Ancient Mysteries’ Patrick McFadzean pp.3-11
  • ‘Dowsing Investigations at Holy Trinity Church, Goodramgate, York’ Ian Taylor with drawings by Ben Fernee pp.12-16
  • Review of ‘The Witches’ Way’ pp.17-18

No.27 Winter Solstice 1984 A4 18pp.

  • ‘The Incised Stone of St. Martin’s – Further dowsing investigations’ Ian Taylor with drawings by Ben Fernee pp.2-7
  • ‘Some Norfolk Leys’ Jimmy Goddard pp.7-10
  • ‘Alfred Watkins Aquarian Pioneer – An Astrological Analysis’ Philip Heselton pp. 1O-12
  • Letters from Hilary Byers, C. S. Hay and Julia Smith pp.12-13
  • Reviews of ‘The Boy from the Hills’, ‘Earth’s Children and ‘Anti-Feminist Papers No. 1: Sacred Glastonbury: A Defence of Myth Defiled’ pp.13-15

No. 28 May 1985 A4 14pp.

  • ‘A Walk in the Fylde’ Jimmy Goddard pp.2-4
  • ‘Seaton Carew – Graveyard Thoughts’ Paul Screeton pp. 4-5
  • ‘The last Chapel of Chapel Hill’ Ian P. Taylor pp. 5-9
  • Letter from Jonathan Mullard p.9

No.29 Autumn 1985 A5 32pp.

  • ‘Helen – “Goddess of Leys”‘ Chesca Potter pp. 4-6
  • ‘Maiden Castles – A Northern Enigma’ Jeremy Harte pp.7-12
  • ‘The Wheel of the Year’ Rosi Taylor pp.12-13
  • ‘The Natural Alternative’ Edna Whelan pp.13-16
  • ‘Sowing an Old Seed Again’ Guy Ragland Phillips pp. 16-17
  • ‘Tony Wedd, Skyways and Scots Pines Reconsidered’ Paul Screeton pp.17-20
  • ‘The IRG Solution – A Short Critique from a Dialectical Perspective’ Ted Armstrong pp. 23-24
  • Letters from Ian Taylor and C. S. Hay pp. 24-27
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