Issues 30 – 39

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No.30 Spring 1986 A5 36pp.

  • ‘Will o’ the Wisp (Apt to Lead Researchers Astray)’ Phil Reeder pp. 4-10
  • ‘The Burning of Bartle’ Ian Taylor pp.10-16
  • ‘Celtic Survivals Threatened’ John Billingsley pp.17-22
  • ‘Report of Northern Moot 1985’ Jimmy Goddard pp.23-26
  • ‘Sunday Report’ Rob Wilson p.27
  • Letters from Nigel Pennick and Tony Feeney pp. 29-30

No.31 Autumn 1986 A5 36pp [Special Joint Issue with “Earthlines”]

  • ‘Repton’ Chris Fletcher pp.5-6
  • ‘Holy Wells of Clwyd’ Janet and Colin Bord pp. 6-7
  • ‘Tracking from Herefordshire into Monmouthshire’ Joan Hatton pp.7-10
  • ‘St. Austin’s Stone’ Philip Heselton pp. 10-12
  • ‘Dowsing for a Monastery’ D.A. Watkins pp.13-14
  • ‘Summer Solstice at Mitchell’s Fold 1986’ B.T. Vickers p.15
  • ‘Wild Wonders’ Llowarch pp. 16-17
  • ‘The Heart of the Matter’ Jonathan Mullard pp.18-19
  • ‘Beguildy Old Stone’ Jonathan Mullard pp. 19-20
  • ‘The Head Stone’ Rob Wilson and Ralph Knutt pp.21-22
  • Letters from Ian Taylor, Alan Cleaver, P.R. Burton and Philip Heselton pp.28-32

No. 32 Spring 1987 A5 32pp.

  • ‘Dialectical Materialism and the Fairies’ Revenge’ Philip Heselton (including letters from C.F. Atton, R.W. Morrell, Guy Ragland Phillips and Ted Armstrong) pp. 6-13
  • ‘Is Geomancy Bubbling in the Popular Unconscious?’ Helen Woodley pp.13-15
  • ‘A Midlands Holiday’ Jimmy Goddard pp. 16-18
  • ‘Report on Northern Moot 1986’ Jimmy Goddard pp.19-22
  • ‘The Haxey Hood Game in 1987’ Rob Wilson pp. 23-24
  • ‘An Experience with Will-o-the-Wisp’ Paul Bennett pp. 24-26
  • Letters from Helen Woodley, C. S. Hay and John Billingsley pp.27-29

No.33 Autumn 1987 A5 32pp.

  • ‘Church Mysteries’ Arthur O’Neill pp.5-10
  • ‘The Wantley Dragon’ David Clarke and Phil Reeder pp.11-17
  • ‘Alignment for this Issue’ Rob Wilson pp.18-19
  • Letter from Mary Bonney p.26

No.34 Winter Solstice 1987 A5 28pp.

  • ‘NEM Moot ’87 Report No. 1’ Jimmy Goddard pp.4-7
  • ‘NEM Moot ’87 Report No. 2’ C.F. Atton pp.7-9
  • ‘Alignment for this Issue – Possible Midwinter Sunrise Alignment in the Yorkshire Dales’ Matthew Atha p.10
  • ‘Longdendale Mysteries’ David Clarke pp.11-15
  • ‘Northern Moonwatch – Major Lunar Standstill Moonrise : Derwent Moors/Stanage Edge, Derbyshire’ Rob Wilson and David Clarke pp. 16-17
  • ‘Northern Moonwatch – Major Lunar Standstill Moonrise : Devil’s Arrows, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire’ Ian Taylor pp.13-20
  • Reviews of ‘Celtic Mythology’ and ‘The Giant of Penhill’ pp. 20-21
  • Letters from Rob Wilson, Paul Bennett and C. S. Hay pp.22-23

No.35 Summer 1988 As 32pp.

  • low Cm~Alignment Ian Taylor pp.4-10
  • Dragons of South Yorkshire Revisited Phil Reeder pp.11-16
  • Wortley Hall and the whan’cliffe Dragon David clarke pp. 17-18
  • Etwall Well-Dressing Rob Wilson pp.19-20
  • Northern Moonwatch 1988 RI).Y. Perrett pp. 20-21
  • Letters from Chris Fletcher, Tony Feeney, Philip Heselton and C.S. Hay pp.22-24

No.36 Autumn 1988 A5 32pp.

  • ‘Obituary: Guy Ragland Phillips [1909-1988]’ Philip Heselton pp.4-5
  • ‘Patterns in the Peak: On the Distribution of Ancient Sites in the Peak District’ Simon Kingsley pp. 6-12
  • ‘Celtic Heads in the Peak District’ David Clarke pp. 13-17
  • ‘St. Cuthbert the Dowser’ Rob Wilson pp.18-19
  • ‘Labyrinth on Ilkley Moor’ Matthew Atha pp. 19-21
  • ‘The Spaldington Sprite’ Ian Taylor pp.21-23
  • Reviews of ‘The Ley Guide’ and ‘The Ancient Secret’ pp.24-25
  • Letters from Edna Whelan, C.F. Atton and Jeff Pratt pp.25-27

No.37 Spring 1989 A5 32pp.

  • ‘NEM Moot ’88 Report’ Jimmy Goddard pp.4-9
  • ‘Sunday Report’ Rob Wilson pp. 10-11
  • ‘Hermits, Witches and Tartan Castles’ Douglas Sutherland pp.12-15
  • ‘Yorkshire Maypoles’ Ian Taylor pp. 16-19
  • ‘Burning of Bartle ’88’ Lucy Crawford pp. 20-23
  • ‘Further Observations’ Ian Taylor p.23
  • Reviews of ‘Fire from the Gods?’, ‘Nottinghamshire Holy Wells and Springs’, ‘Strange Pocklington’, ‘Astronomy and the Imagination’, Llewellyn’s 1989 Daily Planetary Guide and Astrologer’s Datebook’, Llewellyn’s 1989 Astrological Calendar’ and ‘Freedom of the Moors’ pp. 24-28

No.38 Summer 1989 A5 32pp.

  • ‘Yorkshire’s Haunted Wells’ Edna Whelan pp.4-6
  • ‘Bidston Observatory: Ancient and Modern’ Ali Fitchet pp.7-14
  • ‘Megalithic Connections in Dunnington’ Ian Taylor pp.15-16
  • ‘Ancient Sites of Halls and Churches: Part 1’ S.0. Addy pp.17-22
  • Reviews of ‘The Black Alchemist’, ‘Hawk and The Bard Reborn’ and ‘Build Your Own Stone Circle’ pp.23-24
  • Letters from John Billingsley, C. S. Hay and Liz Lippeatt pp.25-27

No.39 Autumn 1989 A5 32pp.

  • ‘Stonesearch’ Ian Taylor pp. 4-9
  • ‘Ash Cabin Flat’ Roddie Perrett and Rob Wilson pp. 10-12
  • ‘Ancient Sites of Halls and Churches: Part 2’ S.0. Addy pp.12-22
  • Reviews of ‘Games of the Gods’, ‘Yorkshire Holy Wells and Sacred Springs’, ‘Wicca – A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner’, ‘Practical Magic in the Northern Tradition’ and ‘The Green Lady and the King of Shadows’ pp.23-25
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