Issues 40 – 50

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No.40 Winter 1989/90 A5 32pp.

  • ‘Pateley Bridge Gathering’ Rob Wilson pp. 4-8
  • ‘Snowden Carr Rock Carvings’ Phil Reeder pp.8-9
  • ‘Using Computers in Astro-Archaeology’ Simon Kingsley pp. 10-13
  • ‘Giants in Effigy and Legend’ John Kennedy Ebbutt pp.14-21
  • ‘Wandering Canons? (Closer to the light, the Larger the Shadow)’ Paul Screeton pp.21-23
  • Reviews of ‘Lines on the Landscape’ and ‘The Witches’ God’ pp. 24-27

No.41 Spring 1990 A5 32pp.

  • ‘NEM Moot ’89 Report’ Jimmy Goddard pp. 6-8
  • ‘Sunday Report’ Bill Broadmore and Ian Taylor pp. 9-12
  • ‘Ancient Sites of Halls and Churches: Part 3’ S.0. Addy pp.12-16
  • ‘Hallaton – Hare Pie Scramble and Bottle Kicking Ceremony’ Bob Trubshaw pp 17-20
  • Reviews of ‘Earth lights Revelation’, ‘Fire Burn’, ‘Fairs, Feasts and Frolics’ and ‘The Stonehenge Conflict’ pp.21-23
  • Letters from Jimmy Goddard and Nigel Pennick pp.23-24

No.42 Summer 1990 A5 32pp.

  • ‘Temple Beeld’ Ian Taylor pp.4-10
  • ‘Ladyewell, Fernyhalgh’ Chesca Potter p.11
  • ‘Ancient Sites of Halls and Churches: Part 4’ S.O. Addy pp.12-16
  • Letters from Regina Cullen and Roddie Perrett pp.17-22
  • Reviews of ‘Magical Aromatherapy’ and ‘Earth Radiation’ pp.25-27

No.43 Autumn 1990 A5 32pp.

  • ‘A Dowsing Survey – Yockenthwaite Stone Circle’ Norman Fahy pp. 4-7
  • ‘Straight Thinking’ Bob Trubshaw pp.8-11
  • ‘Ancient Sites of Halls and Churches: Part 5’ S.O. Addy pp.12-17
  • Reviews of ‘Places of Power’, ‘Earth Mysteries’, ‘Atlas of Magical Britain’, ‘Tarot for Relationships’, ‘The Poltergeist Experience’, ‘An Archaeological Autobiography’ and ‘Mind Monsters’ pp.18-23
  • Letters from Paul Devereux and Roddie Perrett pp.23-25

No.44 Winter. 199O/91 A5 32pp.

  • ‘Goathland – The Puzzle Stone, the Ancient Custom of the Goathland Plough Stots and the last Wise Man of North Yorkshire’ Edna Whelan pp. 4-8
  • ‘1990 NEM Annual Gathering’ Rob Wilson pp.9-10
  • ‘Cumbrian Earth Mysteries – A Survey of Subterranean Springs and Their Significance in Relation to the Stone Circles and Early Church Sites of Cumbria (Part 1)’ Jim Taylor Page pp.11-23
  • Letter from C. S. Hay p.24
  • Reviews of ‘Cumbrian Holy Wells’, ‘The Inhabited Solar System’, ‘The Dream Machine’, ‘Build Your Own Stone Circle’, ‘Spells and how they work’, ‘The Green Gardener’s Handbook’, ‘The Green Index’, ‘Hargreaves New Illustrated Bestiary’ and ‘The Magical Diary’ pp. 25-28

No.45 Spring 1991 A5 32pp.

  • ‘NEM Moot ’90 Report’ Chris Hall pp. 4-8
  • ‘Sunday Report’ Rob Wilson pp.8-9
  • ‘The Sea-Worm of the Solway’ Michael Haigh p.10
  • ‘Cumbrian Earth Mysteries – A Survey of Subterranean Springs and Their Significance in Relation to the Stone Circles and Early Church Sites of Cumbria (Part 2)’ Jim Taylor Page pp.11-27
  • Review of ‘Runic Astrology’ pp.28-29

No.46 Summer 1991 A5 32pp.

  • ‘Arbelow – A Geomantic Overview’ Norman Fahy pp. 4-9
  • ‘Sleights Moor Stone Row’ Ian Taylor pp.10-16
  • ‘Peaklink Project’ Chris Fletcher p.17
  • ‘Reality or Illusion?’ Bob Trubshaw pp.18-21
  • ‘Siting of Stone Circles’ Roddie Perrett p.22
  • Reviews of ‘The Aquarian Guide to Legendary London’, ‘Ancient Crosses of Leicestershire and Rutland’, ‘Holy Wells and Springs of Leics. and Rutland’, ‘Standing Stones and Mark Stones of Liecs. and Rutland’, ‘Living Water’, ‘Glastonbury and Britain A Study in Patterns’, ‘Touch Wood’, ‘The later History of the Megaliths’, ‘Runes and Runic Almanacs’ and ’23 Cantos for the Goddess’ pp. 23-25

No.47 Autumn 1991 A5 32pp.

  • ‘Mysterious Wharfedale’ Roy M. Barraclough pp.4-11
  • ‘Seamer Beacon’ Ian Taylor pp.12-15
  • ‘Cakin’ Neet’ Chris Hall p. 16
  • Letters from Simon Kingsley, Jim Taylor Page and Chris Fletcher pp. 17-20
  • Reviews of ‘Holy Wells and Spas of South Yorkshire’, ‘Mazes and Labyrinths’, ‘Eclipse of the Sun’, ‘The Risen Serpent’, ‘The Sun and the Serpent’, ‘The Henges, Stone Circles and Ring Cairns of the Peak District’ and ‘Peakland Roads and Trackways’ pp.21-25

No.48 Winter 1991/92 A5 32pp.

  • ‘Dacre’s Bears’ Bob Trubshaw pp. 4-7
  • ‘A Network of Ancient and Prehistoric Sites in Britain’ C. S. Hay pp. 7-14
  • ‘The Gytrash of Goathland and Other Fragments’ Ian Taylor pp.15-21
  • ‘1991 NEM Annual Gathering’ Rob Wilson pp.21-22
  • Letters from Roddie Perrett, Cheryl Straffon and Paul Devereux pp. 23-26
  • Reviews of ‘Earth Memory’, ‘On the Trail of Merlin’, ‘The Stormy Search for the Self’, ‘Good Gargoyle Guide’, ‘Holy Wells’, ‘Animals of the Church’, ‘The Green Man’, ‘New Light on the Ancient Mystery of Glastonbury’ and ‘A Glastonbury Reader’ pp.27-30

No.49 Spring 1992 A5 32pp.

  • ‘NEM Moot ’91 Report’ Jimmy Goddard pp. 4-7
  • ‘Sunday Report’ Frank Earp pp.7-10
  • ‘Churches as Ley Indicators’ Ian Taylor pp.11-17
  • ‘The Candlings – Lost Markings on Ilkley Moor’ Rachel Allister (Raven) pp.18-19
  • ‘Green Communion: Working with Nature’ Robert France pp. 20-22
  • Letters from Graeme Chappell, Roy M. Barraclough and Jim Taylor Page pp. 23-26
  • Reviews of ‘The Elements of Earth Mysteries’, ‘Ghosts and Legends of the Peak District’, ‘The Dictionary of Alchemy’, ‘The Seventh Sword’, ‘The Hidden Unity’, ‘Beginnings’, ‘Old Stones of Gloucestershire’, ‘Who Hung the Monkey?’, ‘The Quest for the Omphalos’ and ‘Celtic Art in the Northern Tradition’ pp. 26-29

No.50 Summer 1992 A5 32pp.

  • ‘Ryedale Zodiac’ Ian Taylor pp. 4-18
  • ‘The Mystique of Kipling’ Edna Whelan p.19
  • ‘Where Earth and Sky Meet’ Bob Trubshaw pp.20-25
  • ‘Strange Seaton Carew’ Paul Screeton pp.25-27
  • Letters from Robin Ellis and Chris Hall pp.28-29
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