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The Season’s Gleanings…2

As ever, a grab bag of relevant clippings

Mike Haigh’s Archaeology Review…7

A miscellany covering settlement discoveries on our northern isles, and apotropaiea in Northumberland and Egypt

A View Over a Hill…9

Stuart McHardy offers a geomythographical interpretation of a Shropshire hill

Faces in Stone…12

Simulacra are archaeologically known to have had significance to past cultures; might they also have had a route-finding function, asks Gabriel Blamires?

Starry Paths in Stone…16

Simon Crook draws a line between community traditions in prehistory and the drift towards the private and dynastic in modernity

The Alfred Watkins Vision Centenary 2021…23

Christine Rhone and others marked the day in Herefordshire

Having Your Say…24

More on modern votives and serpent mounds

Deep Insights…25

How did cave artists see and breathe, let alone make art?

The Alt-Antiquarian…26

What is an alt-antiquarian? Paul Screeton asks and the editor replies

From Wales to Wessex: Merlin’s Megalithic Moves…28

Stonehenge may have been remarkably peripatetic; Mike Haigh sums up recent thinking

All Things Considered: Reviews…30

About our contributors…ibc


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