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Season‘s Gleanings…2

The Early News…5

            A collection of news relating to human origins and firsts

Mike Haigh’s Archaeology Review…7

            An assortment of reports from Avebury, Yorkshire, Orkney and Angus

‘I want to believe’…10

            Bob Trubshaw Ruminates from Elsewhere on how believing may be seeing

The City & the Country:      Psychogeography as we see it…13

            After being asked so often what it’s all about, John Billingsley sets out how NE’s take on psychogeography

Greenwich: Hub of the Axis of        Heaven…17

            Following his introduction to Britain’s sacred axis in NE149, Paul Broadhurst looks to London for its root 

Venus in Regent’s Park…22

            Keeping with mystical London, Tanya Loi describes more hidden geomantic significance

Facing controversy…24

            We’ve had a lot of feedback on the issue of ‘blackface’ in English folk traditions. Here, two readers express their opposition to it, and the editor aims to put the custom into context

Having Your Say…28

            A hummadruz report and further comments on psychoactive plant use

All Things Considered: Reviews…29

            A selection of historical non-fiction and fiction

The Hillforts Survey…32

About Our Contributors…32


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