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The Season’s Gleanings…2

Are you sitting comfortably?…7

            For this issue’s Archaeology Review, Mike Haigh ponders the oddest of burials

A Question of Trade?…9

            Archaeological jiggery-pokery before Ebay

The Nebra Sky Disc Reconsidered…12

            A celebrated prehistoric artefact provides a good example of academic disagreement

Megaliths and Lichenoglyphs…13

            Have you noticed those splodges on our megaliths? Mark Greener suggests they may be worthy of more attention

Bonging Stones…16

            David Shepherd argues for a longstanding attention to rock resonance throughout history

The Noblest Monument of English Prose: The King James Bible…19

            Rebecca Ireland shows how the Bible can be put to magical use

Of Gods and Men in Ireland…21

            New research has shed surprising light on ancient Irish genealogy

The Alt-Antiquarian:                                                                                                                                   The Ancient Spectacle Updated…22

            Exploring how we interact with history and archaeology in a hyperglobalised world

Enlarging the Neanderthal scope…25

            The perception of Neanderthal people is under constant review in the light of new data

Having Your Say…27

            Watkins, leys, ritual litter and repatriation

All Things Considered: Reviews…27

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