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The Season’s Gleanings…2

Our grab-bag of archaeology, folklore, and curiosities that made the news

Mike Haigh’s Archaeology Review…7

Conceptual Metaphor Theory and the dead, plus a dolmen, a shrine, and lakeside dwellings on a prehistoric armchair ramble

Clap-cans: A Greater Manchester bogie…10

Various uncanny entities from ghosts to boggarts are said to clank as they move; but do their tales really have currency, asks Simon Young?

The Neolithic specialist builder from Aberdeen…14

John Hill discusses the remarkable consistency of design in recumbent stone circles

Up the Bonk: Titterstone Revisited…18

Simon Moreton adds to the discussion from NE165 of intersections between place and human culture at a Shropshire hill

The Alt-Antiquarian…22

Flâneurs, false guides, and wrong turnings

Having Your Say…24

Readers write in about civic vandalism in Flanders, an ambiguous ankh and Lancashire strangeness

All Things Considered: Reviews…26

Non-fiction and fiction in a collection of archaeology, folklore, metrology and magic

Seasonal back pages…31

Some of Ian Brown’s memories re-emerge as cultural tradition

About our contributors…32


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