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Season’s Gleanings… 2

Mike Haigh’s Archaeology Review… 6

            Europe’s Michelsberg Culture, a truly lost site in Kent, significant rock art in Cornwall and at home with St Columba…

Putting place-names in their place… 9

            Ruminations from Elsewhere finds Bob Trubshaw reflecting on what is where, when…

An archaeological decoding of the core symbolism planned into Stonehenge… 12

            Sun and symbolism play a meaningful role in the understanding of Stonehenge, and guide Terence Meaden to a revision of the site

The Amazon Woman of St Kilda… 19

            Jill Smith gets a strong sense of spiritual presence in the traditions of this remote Atlantic island

A Japanese water pharmacopeia of 1874… 23

            An exhibit at Skaill House in Orkney reveals a Western doctor’s findings on traditional medicine in Japan

Abuzz about zoological hums… 25

           Mysterious hums and buzzes have been ascribed to various sources… but giraffes? Paul Screeton reports.

Having Your Say… 26

            Readers have been sharing some anomalous experiences with NE – keep them coming!

All Things Considered: Reviews… 27

            A varied selection of media and topics

Where is Northern Earth?… 32

            Reminders that we’re more than N Britain nowadays!

About our contributors… 32


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