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Season‘s Gleanings…2

Mike Haigh’s Archaeology Review…6

            A chariot burial in Yorkshire, earlier dating for crannogs in the Hebrides and polished tools, and another link between Wessex and Ireland

Black Cat Capers…7

            Chicago exorcises its dark felines

An Odour of Sanctity …8

I           So-called recreational drugs were once widely seen as aids to esoteric experience. Did cannabis have that status in East Asia?

A Sense of Direction…9

            Birds and animals can do it – why not humans? Mark Greener introduces research that suggests we do indeed have innate directional skills

‘A country still all mystery’…12

            Mark Valentine visits the ‘other Britain’ of novelists Arthur Machen and Sarban

Axis of Heaven…17

            As other countries begin to mutter about Greenwich as the zero point for longitude, Paul Broadhurst suggests it has an even older significance

From Walton to Alexandria…22

            In his latest Rumination from Elsewhere, Bob Trubshaw addresses place-names

Divining a thief…26

            The ‘Bible and key’ was a popular method of identifying a thief remotely, but is often scrambled in written descriptions

Having Your Say…27

            Traditional blacking-up, a 16th-century curse rebounds, and a ley point


            Research, reflections, essays and a novel touching upon the neo-antiquarian world-view

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