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Season‘s Gleanings…2

Mike Haigh’s Archaeology Review…7

            Mike’s trawlings shed light on Bell Beaker culture, prehistoric gatherings and ancient pitfalls

Respecting the Boundaries…10

            In his latest Rumination, Bob Trubshaw focuses on boundaries and their liminal nature

On the Origins of Megaliths…14

            New research provides some surprising findings, but as Mark Greener points out, there are questions still left unanswered

Fairies across the Mersey…17

            Liverpool is a great urban centre, home to all peoples, as Simon Young’s investigations show

Making a Mark…22

            Caves have been a gateway to non-mundane dimensions from prehistory to recent centuries, as these new findings reveal

The Neo-lithic Era…23

            A discussion on our NEReaders e-group led to this brief round-up of modern stone circles spotted or even made by our readers

Having Your Say…26

            Readers write in about modern megaliths and prehistoric time-keeping

All Things Considered: Reviews…27

            Anglo-Saxons, hidden traditions of the UK’s eastern seaboard, talismanic options in time of war, and a musical exploration of rocky places

Stranger things have happened…31

Of Sound Mind…32

            Is it natural, techno-generated, or a mental construct? The low-frequency noise known as the ‘hum’ won’t go away

About our contributors…32



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