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Northern Earth has revived its publishing wing after a hiatus in the 1990s, and offers writers in the field an opportunity for co-operative publishing. We invite enquiries regarding well-researched books free of political or religious agendas. We do not publish poetry or fiction.

You can now see and buy Northern Earth books in our online shop. Unless, of course, they’re on this page as they are currently out of print.


To date, the NEMG. has published a number of books, including:-

  • Earth Mysteries – an Exploratory Introduction, by Brian Larkman and Philip Heselton
  • Astrological Geomancy by Patrick McFadzean
  • Geomantic Survivals in York, by Ben Fernee
  • Skyways and Landmarks Revisited, by Philip Heselton, Jimmy Goddard and Paul Baines
  • The Day The Sun Went Out: accounts of the 1927 solar eclipse as seen from Yorkshire and the Pennines by John Billingsley.
  • A Laureate’s Landscape: Walks around Ted Hughes’ Mytholmroyd, by John Billingsley
  • Folk Tales from Calderdale Vol. 1, by John Billingsley
  • Folk Tales from Calderdale Vol. 2: Hood, Head & Hag, by John Billingsley
  • The Mixenden Treasure: A true tale of magic in 16th-century Yorkshire, by John Billingsley
  • Rushes and Ale: A brief history of rushbearing, by Garry Stringfellow
  • Astronomy & Measurement in Megalithic Architecture, by Peter Harris
  • Spanish Anti-Fascist ‘Prisoners of War’ in Lancashire, 1944-1946, by Richard Cleminson
  • Rushbearing & Rush Strewing in Churches across the Northern Counties, by Garry Stringfellow
  • Hidden Charms, ed. by John Billingsley, Jeremy Harte and Brian Hoggard
  • Hidden Charms 2: Exploring the Magical Protection of Buildings, ed. by John Billingsley, Jeremy Harte and Brian Hoggard

See our shop page or contact the editor for titles still in print.


BBC Radio 4

John Billingsley was asked to contribute to the BBC Radio 4 Programme “Ramblings” that featured Plath Hughes TX 210511.

On the first of a series of literary walks Clare Balding walks in Heptonstall, visiting Ted Hughes birth place and the resting place of Sylvia Plath.

Download the 12MB podcast (right click & “save target as”)

BBC CountrySide Podcast Page

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