Issues 1 – 9

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No.1 September 1979 A4 7pp.
  • ‘An introduction to the Northern Earth Mysteries Group and Report of our First Meeting’ Philip Heselton p.2
  • ‘Probable’ Guy Ragland Phillips pp.3-4
  • ‘A Northern Shrine?’ Sam Brewster pp. 4-5
  • ‘The British Zodiac Circle’ Kathryn J Preston pp.5-6
  • ‘Recent Work’ Brian Larkman pp. 6-7
  • Miscellany on ‘Exhibition’, ‘Earth Mysteries Conference’, ‘Publications’ and ‘Articles’ p.7
No.2 November 1979 A4 8pp.
  • ‘Northern Earth Mysteries Group Report of Second Meeting’ Philip Heselton pp.2-3
  • ‘Approaches to EM-Work’ John Billingsley pp.3-4
  • ‘Report of the Leeds Earth Mysteries Conference 27th October 1979’ Philip Heselton pp. 4-6
  • Miscellany on ‘Some Responses to Our First Issue’, ‘The Aiggin Stone’ and ‘Weekend Moot’ p. 8
No.3 Winter Solstice 1979 A4 1Opp.
  • ‘Rudston – A Guide to Megalithic Technology?’ Jimmy Goddard pp.2-3
  • ‘Leys, TV & The Medium is the Message’ Paul Screeton pp.3-5
  • ‘Northern Earth Mysteries Group Report of Third Meeting’ Philip Heselton pp.5-6
  • Miscellany On ‘Archaeological Indexes’, ‘Weekend Moot’, ‘Wood and Water’, ‘Recently Published and Proposed Books’ ‘Carved Stone from near Whitby’, ‘Plot Week’ and ‘Recycled Duplicating Paper’ pp.7-8
No.4 February 1980 A4 14pp.
  • ‘Walbiri Ways of Seeing’ Brian Larkman pp.2-5
  • ‘Winter Solstice Sunset at Duddo’ Paul Screeton pp. 6-7
  • ‘Victorian Leys’ John Barnatt pp.7-8
  • ‘The Archaeologist Dissected’ Jimmy Goddard pp. 9-11
  • ‘A Probable Long Barrow, High Melton, South Yorkshire’ John Barnatt and Phil Reeder p. 11
  • Letters from Sam Brewster and Frank Lockwood pp.11-12
  • Miscellany on ‘Barmoor’, ‘TLH Moot ’80’, ‘An Index to the Straight Track Club Folios’, ‘Mjollnir’, ‘The Swastika and The Peak and Northern Footpaths Society’ pp. 13-14
No.5 April 1980 (Special North York Moors Issue) A4 2Opp.
  • ‘Two Fires’ Guy Ragland Phillips p.2
  • ‘Hunting Dragons and Leys in North Yorkshire’ Paul Screeton pp.3-4
  • ‘The Power of Lastingham Crypt’ Philip Heselton pp.4-6
  • ‘Stone Circles and Similar Sites in the North Yorkshire Moors’ John Barnatt pp. 6-7
  • ‘Some Notes on Sites in the North York Moors’ Philip Rushworth pp.7-9
  • ‘The North York Moors as a Centre Point to Glastonbury, Canterbury and Findhorn, also to Tara’ C. S. Hay pp.9-10
  • ‘The Footpath Connexion’ Donald Lee pp. 1O-11
  • ‘Calderdale and Other Folk – Part One: Traipsing the Valley’ John Billingsley pp. 11-13
  • ‘Northern Earth Mysteries Group Report of Fifth Meeting’ Richard Smith pp.13-15
  • Letters from Jimmy Goddard and Clive Harper pp. 16-17
  • Miscellany on ‘Barmoor’, ‘The Ley Hunter Moot’, ‘Calderdale Earth Mysteries Group’, ‘Calendars’, ‘Wood and Water’ and ‘Journal of Geomancy’ pp.18-20
  • Cartoon by Philip Rushworrh p.19
No. 6 May 1980 A4 24pp.
  • ‘Spring Moot at Barmoor’ Jimmy Goddard pp.2-3
  • ‘The Song of the Ley’ (Poem) Jimmy Goddard p.4
  • ‘Barmoor’s Barrow Cemetery’ Frank Earp pp.4-5
  • ‘Blakey Topping’ Dorothy Phillips pp. 5-6
  • ‘Blakey Topping’ Brian Larkman pp. 6-7
  • ‘Reflections upon the use of Geometry in Geomancy’ Philip Rushworth pp.7-17
  • ‘Calderdale and Other Folk – Part Two: Traipsing the Long Causeway’ John Billingsley pp.17-19
  • ‘The Nicki Debuse Syndrome’ Paul Screeton pp. 19-20
  • ‘Northern Earth Mysteries Group Report of Sixth Meeting’ Philip Heselton pp. 20-21
  • Miscellany on ‘Calderdale Earth Mysteries Group’, ‘The Ley Hunter Moot’ and ‘Earth Mysteries Conference 1980’ pp.22-23
  • Review of ‘The Straight Track Club Portfolios – A Guide to their Contents p.24
No.7 July 1980 A4 6pp. (including, as a Special Supplement, the Northern Earth Mysteries Exhibition Catalogue 14pp.)
  • ‘An Enquiry into the Nature and Occurrence of Earth Currents at Prehistoric Sites’ C. S. Hay pp.2-3
  • ‘Sun Dancing’ Phil Reeder p.3
  • Review of ‘The White Peak – A significant new Ordnance Survey map pp.3-4
  • ‘Northern Earth Mysteries Group Report of Seventh Meeting’ Phil Reeder and John Barnatt pp.4-5
  • Miscellany on ‘Exhibition by Philip Rushworth’, ‘The Incredible Journey’, ‘Anglezarke Faces’, ‘Wood and Water’ and ‘Lincoinshire Dragon’ pp. 5-6
  • ‘Northern Earth Mysteries – An Exhibition of the hidden energies and forces underlying the natural and created landscape – Catalogue 1980:
    • ‘Introduction’ Philip Heselton 1
    • ‘Stone Circles’ John Barnatt 1-3
    • ‘Spirit into Body : Manifestations of Earth Energy’ Brian Larkman 3-4
    • ‘Dewponds : Vanishing Landmarks’ Richard Smith 4-5
    • ‘Zodiacs in the Landscape’ Philip Heselton 6
    • ‘Celtic Survivals in the Upper Calder Valley’ John Billingsley 7
    • ‘The Belinus Line’ Guy Ragland Phillips 7-8
    • ‘Folklore in the Landscape’ Phil Reeder 8
    • ‘Holderness Leys and Zodiac’ Philip HeseIton 9
    • ‘The Footpath/Earth Mysteries Connexion’ Don Lee 9-1O
    • ‘Two Patterns from the Karatay Medrese, Konya’ Philip Rushworth 1O-12
No.8 September 1980 A4 18pp.
  • ‘Interpretations of Archaeological Sites in Cornwall (Part 1)’ John Barnatt pp.2-7
  • ‘Yeavering Bell Clangers’ Paul Screeton pp.7-8
  • ‘Dragon Remains within South Yorkshire and South Yorkshire and Surrounding District’ Phil Reeder pp. 8-11
  • ‘Mazes : An Exhibition at Rochdale Art Gallery’ John Billingsley pp.11-12
  • Miscellany on ‘Quicksilver Messenger’, ‘Hereford and The Straight Track Club’, ‘Tales of the Hexham Heads’, ‘Mysteries of Upper Calderdale’, ‘Terry Nugent’, ‘Campaign to Save Georgian House’, ‘Sutton-Hornsea Ley’, ‘The American Dowser’, ‘Wood and Water’ and ‘Ancient Mysteries’ pp.12-17
  • Letters from Paul Devereux and Ted Armstrong pp.1 and 15
No.9 October 1980 A4 18pp.
  • ‘Anarchaeology’ John Billingsley pp.3-6
  • ‘Interpretations of Archaeological Sites in Cornwall (Part II)’ John Barnatt pp. 6-10
  • ‘The Kellington Serpent Stone’ Ted Armstrong pp.10-12
  • ‘Northern Earth Mysteries Group Report of Eighth Meeting’ Philip Rushworth p.12
  • ‘Fishy Tale of Monkey Business’ Paul Screeton p.13
  • ‘An Investigation into Electrical Phenomena due to Past Glacial Isostatic Re-adjustment in Britain’ C. S. Hay pp. 14-15
  • Miscellany on ‘Leeds Earth Mysteries Conference 1980’, ‘Griffin’, ‘Regional Ley Index’ and ‘Cheshire Legends’ pp.15-17