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Our magazine has been running since 1979, and is now the world’s oldest earth mysteries journal! We have attempted to maintain throughout a tradition of free-thinking, approaching archaeology, folklore and the many constituent strands of earth mysteries without a specific axe to grind – no ideologies or beliefs other than a general political radicalism influence our content.

As a small-press journal, we rely on word of mouth and on our websites to keep up our subscription base, from which we derive most of the funding that keeps us going. Northern Earth’s sustainability mainly rests on subscriptions and booksales.

The small presses of the world have long maintained a freethinking tradition independent of prevailing conventions, and keep alive a vital intellectual undercurrent in whatever society they arise. This is why we ask our web readers to consider a subscription to Northern Earth. No website can challenge the sound of a journal dropping on your doormat, the feel of information-laden paper in your hand, or the glow of satisfaction that comes from knowing you are supporting a good cause!

Please note that we need to add a small surcharge on Internet orders to cover PayPal commission charges.

Northern Earth 142 Image


Northern Earth 142
Is UK politics going prehistoric? Megalithic Dartmoor. Reflections on lands

Northern Earth 141 Image


Northern Earth 141
Whitby’s hand of glory, rag tree tradition in the Holy Land, a bogey man ..

Astronomy & Measurement in Megalithic Architecture Image


Astronomy & Measurement in Megalithic Architecture
Peter Harris & Norman Stockdale