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Over 65% of our readers subscribe to NE, but many also come to us through our small network of retailers. However, contemporary conditions such as Internet shopping displacing browsing in shops and the credit crunch make things harder for all small independent ventures, especially shops. We’d like therefore to thank our retailers and give them a little name-check here – they’re like-minded independents and great people to have on our streets, so please support them!


Friendly Dragon, Piece Hall

Bizarre, bountiful and haunted too!

The Book Corner, Piece Hall


Spooks, Main Street

Books and mags from Tarot to Trains,and readings by appointment.

Hebden Bridge

The Bookcase, Market Street

An independent bookshop serving its local community admirably.


Id Aromatics

A fine and long-established purveyor of essential oils and related stock.

Global Tribe, Swan Street

A welcoming and laid-back treasure cave of crystals.


Atlantis Books, Museum Street, WC1

London’s most enlightened bookshop!

Treadwell’s Bookshop, 34 Tavistock St., Covent Garden, WC2E 7PB

Eclectic and wide-ranging specialisings in cultural history and esoteric belief.


Witches Galore, Newchurch

A hoot – witchy stuff both serious and tongue-in-cheek, with a walkers café to boot (as it were)

Pendle Heritage Centre

Barrowford’s museum, cafe, gallery, info centre, bookshop, local foodstuffs…


Liverpool News

From Nowhere, Bold Street


Bridlington Beachcomber

Bridge Street



Morley Market Hall

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